About Piopio

Piopio village is famous for its friendly atmosphere and warm Kiwi hospitality. Visitors can choose from a wide range of comfortable places to stay and delicious places to eat.

Around 400 people live in Piopio. Nearly ten per cent of the population were born overseas, mostly in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Piopio district has a temperate climate. The annual rainfall ranges from 1500 to 1800ml. Piopio's terrain varies from fertile river flats to steep, rugged hills. The area's native bush reserves are fully protected.

Piopio village businesses service a large, productive agricultural area. Pastoral farming (sheep,beef and dairy) is the biggest industry in the wider area. Other key industries include transport, education, trades and hospitality. There are also small pockets of commercial forestry and a limestone and serpentine quarry.

Pronunciation: Piopio

Pyoh Pyoh (Te Reo Maori pronunciation - correct) or often commonly as Pew Pew (NZ European pronunciation - incorrect).

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